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A Day With My Father

20th June 2021. Am literally running home to see my father, just to have a look at his face, the face that gave us hope; my siblings & I. To say how much am thankful for the figure he has been to our family. A family that is now at tranquil and contends happiness after despair and hard times. I want to tell him it’s Father’s day. A universal day to celebrate our fathers, heroes who don’t wear capes. But am not sure he’ll understand what Father’s day is, so I just look at him and say ‘God I am grateful’.

Flicking through social media pages I see how much people have appreciated their fathers’ by celebrating the day. Hoping all the fathers know they are being celebrated. So I tell my father we have to take a walk and he tells me he has the perfect place for us to walk.

He takes me to the farm where he has been farming. All he has been doing is trying to create for his family, no matter how much he has created. Everything in the farm looks perfect. The beans are so high someone could make a fence out of them. His vegetables were so juicy, they could turn anyone vegetarian. I could see his work.
It was then that I noticed a beautiful sunset over the farm, my dad standing over it. I couldn’t resist but take a picture. A couple of shots and my happiness was overflowing; a figure, strong, resilient and happy standing over a hedge and a beautiful sunset.

It’s a great evening, the sun is kissing us goodbye, a great kiss by the way. Our facing faces shining by the last light of the day, reminding us of the days we had appreciated the light in our photography. The shots taken were reminiscent to the days we laughed and shared happy shots of the water ducks by the river and the pigs that almost drowned trying to feel what the ducks felt. This moment, shooting my dad by the sinking sun was a forever moment; nostalgic to the days he taught me how it’s done.

My father taught me that it’s all about the perfect timing and capture, about bringing to life what’s already in your mind. The loud birds echoing in the distant hills, the tall shadows reflected by the setting and struggling sun, these are memories, the memories we want to keep forever of our loved ones,, beautiful memories. Happy Father’s day to every strong and resilient father. We at Picha Images appreciate you and have a lot of goodies for all the great dads out there. See our portrait gallery to order a portrait shoot for your pops.