Essential Elements of a Good Photograph

A photograph is good if it is above average. A good photograph is one that gives pleasure to the person who looks at it – both the creator and the viewer. Generally, there are two ways a photograph is judged. The Subjective criteria. The objective criteria. Let’s look at both: Subjective Criteria Photography is an […]

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7 Ways To Increase Your Photography Business Visibility Through Social Media 

Social media has had a tremendous effect on our lives today. The startling statistics of social media users reported are something to behold. According to Oberlo 2022 statistics, currently 57.6% of the global population are social media users with 9.9% year over year increase. Orbelo 2021, highlighted that people spent an average 2.5 hours on […]

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How Photographers can tap into the world of NFTs and Digital Assets.

Undeniably, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) seem to be the future of photography. NFTs, are characterized by qualities that are such a zeal to photographers and content creators who use photo images as their art media. Apart from technical advantages to photographers, NFTs prove financial advantages as well, since the digital world is resulting to be profitable […]


What Home Means Exhibition

with Habitat for Humanity & Africa Housing Forum Picha Images invites you to the “What Home Means Exhibition” between 12th and 14th May 2022 at the Safari Park Hotel! The Africa Housing Forum, happening from May 12 to 14, will highlight the housing challenges faced by countries across the continent as well as the innovative […]

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How to start and grow your photography business

“Many called, but few are chosen”. Matthew may not be the patron saint of photographers, but this sentence remains true. Professional photography is one of the most competitive sectors. Every year, thousands of photography enthusiasts plan to turn their passion into money printing – or at least make it a profession they could live in. […]

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Fascinating! Scintillating! Breathtaking. These were the words carried by revelers at the end of the 18 stage, 320 kilometers World Safari Rally championships that made its comeback to African soil after 19 years. ‘I can’t believe it’s over!” Another shouted after posing besides Sebastian Ogier’s Toyota Yaris. This was the winning car in this year’s […]

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Picha Talks: Mastering Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a very handy skill to have in this day and age. Whether it’s using drones to shoot a wedding, flying a helicopter to take in terrains or getting on skyscrapers to shoot the city, aerial photography is both lucrative (money, money) and fun! But, how can you do it right?   This Picha Talks […]


Role of Augmented Reality in Access to Justice

Artificial Intelligence will not revolutionize our lives, it will enhance it From virtual art exhibitions, to fundraising – Augmented Reality technology is a great way of integrating and presenting social issues in a more simplified and accessible manner. Commercial giants like Google, Uber, and Apple are already actively using AI to their benefit. Uber for […]


Made to Stick – 6 Principles to make ideas and stories stick

PICHA BOOK CLUB: Made to Stick – Chip Heath & Dan Heath Some stories stick with us forever. Long after we hear them, we could easily re-tell them. We are all familiar with the opposite experience—reading an article that we can’t remember five minutes after we have finished, or listening to a lecture that leaves […]

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A Day With My Father

20th June 2021. Am literally running home to see my father, just to have a look at his face, the face that gave us hope; my siblings & I. To say how much am thankful for the figure he has been to our family. A family that is now at tranquil and contends happiness after […]