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Fascinating! Scintillating! Breathtaking. These were the words carried by revelers at the end of the 18 stage, 320 kilometers World Safari Rally championships that made its comeback to African soil after 19 years. ‘I can’t believe it’s over!” Another shouted after posing besides Sebastian Ogier’s Toyota Yaris. This was the winning car in this year’s edition.

WRC Safari Rally
Photo by @atworldphotography

The world renowned safari rally competition kicked off in Nairobi’s KICC after being officially given a green light by the President H.E. Uhuru and the Sports Cabinet secretary Ambassador Amina , alongside The International Federation of Automobiles president, Jean . A start that was yet to produce an adventure for the competitors and the spectators from Nairobi to the beautiful floor of the Rift Valley ,navigating through Naivasha stages from dusty to muddy roads, smooth to rocky, and nightmares of sharp corners.

Photo by @atworldphotography

The super special stage was underway after the flag off from KICC to Kasarani through a circuited route with spectators cheering from stands while maintaining Covid-19 prevention protocols. The cars were speeding in pairs leaving a clutch of dust behind. This was a sight never felt by spectator’s eyes.

The screaming could tell. And this culminated the urge of the spectators to follow the specter onto the next day .Nairobi residents thronged Nakuru County. Soysambu was a mess for a moment. The traffic jam from Nairobi to Naivasha was a revelation of the love for the event by Kenyans who had longed for a sporting event.

safari rally
Photo by @atworldphotography

Spectators arrived in consistency with health Ministry protocols. Wildlife was not left aside. The energy around the Rift Valley floor was surreal. Dust, revving of cars, screams and cheers, and multiple crashes by the racing cars drew breathe out of the spectators.


The ‘Sleeping Warrior’ stretch was of particular interest. A sharp turn along the rocky dusty route examined the competence of the racers with multiple cars rolling over an edge by the corner. It soon became an attraction for the spectators who scrammed by the corner cheering successful drivers past the test and also running to the help of the crashed racers. 

Photo by @atworldphotography

A chopper that seemed to racers from the sky along the racers drew a greater attention with the pilot showcasing his skills from the sky. Many could not believe the turns made by the chopper attempting to cover the routes followed by the racers. The chopper following Sebastian Ogier was an exceptional sight to behold as the pilot tried to navigate as the speedy racer made way through the rocky and sharp bends route. Many held to their phones and cameras capturing the once in a lifetime moment.

Photo by Peter Ndung’u

Hats off to all the photographers present .It was an honor to cover the return of the WRC Safari Rally . Picha Images is the perfect community for highly professional photographers to connect with clients and other photographers. We are are proud of you! .Would you like to be featured in our blog? Share some of your best shots from the WRC safari rally with us at [email protected]