Victor Githui-Picha Photographer Interview

Victor Githui is a creative award winning photographer. Today we touch base with Victor to learn more about his love for photography, his goals and aspirations as well as tips on how Picha images has empowered him as a photographer.

Victor, Describe yourself in one word?


When you think of photography what comes to mind?

I perceive photography as an art, a profession, a media for storytelling and freedom to communicate my vision to the world.

How did your journey into photography begin?

My journey began back in 2017 when I held the first DSLR camera which was a Canon 60D (own by my uncle). I remember meeting up with some of my friends and shooting for fun. I got to capture this one image that blew my mind. As I was shooting my friends, during the golden hours, there was this Golden reflection that was hitting my friends from a tall building that acted as my main light and the sun was hitting them from the back that acted as my rim light.

The lighting was just crazy and it blew my mind. I’ve always said that was my first professional image I took without having any skill at hand yet. My anxiety grew and made me start learning more and more about photography via YouTube University, and that’s how my photography journey began.

What genre of photography do you enjoy shooting and why?

I shoot almost everything but am more drawn towards portrait, event, product and travel photography.

When embarking on a shoot which gear do you use and why?

Am currently using Canon EOS 6D mark ii which is a full frame camera. I like canon cameras because of their colors, they seem more natural compared to other cameras. Canon cameras are also easy to use and navigate. Despite all that I still use other brands because I believe hardware shouldn’t be a limitation as long as you have the skill.

I use different lenses depending on what am shooting. The lenses I use include Canon 70-200mm F2.8 (Portrait, Travel and Event Photography), 85mm F1.4 Sigma Lens (Portrait and Event Photography), 50mm F1.4 Canon (Portrait and Landscape Photography) and lastly 17-40mm F4 (Real Estate and Landscape Photography)

As a creative how do you balance business and the art of creating images and how has PICHA Images helped you grow your craft?

I find the best way of balancing both is by creating or doing my own projects that will inspire clients to reach out and work with me. Networking and also getting your work out there also plays a big role on the first point, since no one will know what you are capable of if you don’t share what you’ve accomplished.

PICHA has gone an extra mile by offering workshops that allow us to get out of our comfort zone to explore and learn more about the genres of photography. PICHA has also given us an easy time by handling the business side of photography that lead to jobs and allowing us to also focus on our skills.

If your given a once in a lifetime chance to shoot with any photographer in the world. Who would you pick and why?

Garret King (famously known as shortstache)

Reason being, his understanding on lighting and composition is on another level. His images give a feeling of satisfaction.

Tell us the story behind your favourite picture?

I have a lot of favorite pictures but this was my best picture in 2020. When I was taking this image, I was at a bad state of a creative block. I decided to take a walk with my camera during the golden hour, discovered this beautiful scene and when I took this image I got the peace of mind that I was searching for.

How would you describe your photography style?

My approach to the work I create is simplicity and my inspiration is based on the type of creativity that comes by.

Which is the craziest destination in the world you would want to do a shoot and who or what would be your muse?

This would definitely be BALI. The serenity, landscapes and culture is just so beautiful and I believe I would document a lot of beautiful content.

How do you deal with demanding clients or in cases where your vision and the clients vision don’t marry?

I believe in such cases we assume the client is always right even though he or she is not right. I handle this by creating what the client’s vision then create my vision then present both to the client to compare and contrast. If the client comes to a conclusion that my vision is the best, I’ll definitely charge extra for the hard work. Haha…

What is (one of) the most eye-opening photo projects you’ve covered Victor?

I recently covered a fashion photography gig that was a bit under harsh conditions, that is, timeline and weather. I realized that critical thinking when working is very important because if you don’t think critically and fast your client may think you are not competent for the job that may lead to a lot of disappointments.

Photography is quite the intimate art, and many people can get intimidated and exposed during a shoot. How do you ensure your subjects feel safe with you?

Communication and some music is how I ensure that my subject feels comfortable during production. I also like briefing the subject before the actual date of the shoot on what I expect or the results am overseeing from the shoot so that they can be prepared mentally.

What advise would you give to someone starting out in photography?

“Work hard and believe in the process” those are the words that most of my mentors in the photography word used to tell me and now, even though am still not yet at the peak, I’d testify that those words are true. Work hard, work on your skills, keep learning, believe in the process and lastly believe in yourself.

What policies or support do you think the government or other art-inspired non-governmental agencies can do to promote the craft of photography in the next decade?

They should provide more grants and loans to assist young photographers grow their craft and have access to resources.

Victor, If you were not a photographer what would you be?

If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d be a software developer. Am a tech nerd and software development is one of my biggest interests in the Computer Science World which is actually what am currently studying.

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