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7 Ways To Increase Your Photography Business Visibility Through Social Media 

Social media has had a tremendous effect on our lives today. The startling statistics of social media users reported are something to behold. According to Oberlo 2022 statistics, currently 57.6% of the global population are social media users with 9.9% year over year increase. Orbelo 2021, highlighted that people spent an average 2.5 hours on social media networks and messaging; 54% of social browsers use social media to research products; 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience are likely to recommend the brand to their family and friends; $9% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media. These statistics show us the power that social media has. The question now is:

How can a photographer leverage on this to increase their photography business visibility. 


I know, I know, it sounds cliché’ but regular, consistent posting can be a game changer to your photography business gaining the visibility you desire. Social media is very fast paced this means content expiration period are on an all-time high. So, for your photography business to remain relevant and visible in the social media space, then you have to post and post consistently. If you go weeks without posting, then the probability that your audience will not encounter your content is very high.

post on social media consistently


Social media trends are an excellent way to provide visibility to your photography business. Trends tend to provide a platform for a business to interact with potential audience that you would probably not have the opportunity to interact with. Following various trends be it trendy sounds, songs, active challenges, doing live videos to connect with your audience, the probability of interacting with a larger audience than your followers is increased and this will equal an increase in your business visibility. All these trendy practices guarantee that your business gains exposure that would not have been possible if one did not participate. This is one of the most affordable ways to gain visibility without spending a dime.


Social media just like any other community has its own slang that users of these platforms identify with. Social media slang is a powerful tool. If you want to get the algorithm on your side this is where you bargain for more airtime. Using active and popular social media slang shows your audience how current you are and this can impact your business visibility positively. Fun, popular words are the go-to lingo and just like in high school if you want to roll with the popular kids then you have to know what is trendy. It will definitely not hurt your visibility if you are in the know of what the current slang is.


From Google Ads, to Meta Ads and TikTok Ads, social media has become one of the most diverse, impactful marketing services to date. It is advisable for business to factor in sponsored social media ads as part of their marketing campaign. It is not only affordable in comparison to the mainstream media, but it also narrows down on your preferred audience as the algorithms give an option on centering on your audience. Do not miss out on this opportunity.


According to Wikipedia social commerce is a subset of e-commerce that involves social media and online media that supports social interaction and user contributions to assist online buying and selling. Social commerce equals active social media influencing for the purpose of buying and selling products online. By collaborating with known social media influencers be it famous models or well-known photography influencers can increase your business visibility translating to sales.  The astounding social media statistics discussed above give us a glimpse of the market that is available and the impact that this kind of visibility can leverage your business sales.

selling images on social media


Although all the social media algorithms advocate for consistent posting, as a photographer, coming up with quality content should be your main aim. Photography is a visual art and as a photographer its in your businesses best interest to put out content that is of good quality over the quantity. But a great disclaimer that we feel creatives need to remember quality does not equal perfection. Due to the fast-paced nature of social media, perfection can be the killer of your creativity and how much content you are able to release. Focusing on perfection can lead one to put out obsolete content. The motto should be QUALITY>PERFECTION&QUANTITY


Content creation is not an easy fit, it’s hard to maintain a steady idea flow. Although following trends is advisable, copy pasting other creatives work is never an answer and can lead to dramatic consequences like being canceled or sued. Authentic content helps you to connect with people who are likely to be interested in your brand. It also makes your content relatable and gives one an added advantage of differentiating one’s craft from the rest. Thus, it’s prevalent for creatives to focus on being as original as possible. Authenticity in your work draws audience to your platform without much of a nudge. It also guarantees that as a creative you do not struggle to come up with content as its part of you. 

Parting Shot

Looking at social media as a tool to gain as much visibility as possible in your business without spending exorbitant amounts of money is a smart choice. Selecting the right social media platforms for your business can be a game changer. Do not shy away and embrace the learning process. 

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