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Is TikTok The New Photography Classroom?

The rise

In the wake of the covid 19 pandemic, as the world came to a standstill and the outside was closed, people had to look for a new way to connect, entertain themselves and each other. TikTok a company launched by ByteDance in China in 2016, “became the hottest app in the market with over 2.3 billion all-time downloads.”

Popular TikTok challenges

From fun challenges like the #switchupchallenge #don’trushchallenge, #levelup, #wipeitdown, #respectthedrip to people addressing deep-rooted issues like depression, racism, male chauvinism, LGBTQ movement, the rape culture among others, the world felt like a small village and TikTok became its refuge .

Content creation on TikTok

Content creators are at the core of TikTok users’ video consumption habits, with the platform hosting around 1 million video views every day. TikTok has revolutionized the era of content creation to a baffling capacity that has seen people not shunning away from sharing knowledge as it has become the new tool of trade.

The more you share the greater of a community of followers you acquire as these creators are now mini-celebrities in their own right. From cooking shows, DIYs’, pranks the amount to absorb is grand and its addiction is on the rise. With no discrimination to age or gender TikTok has grown to be “one of the most (non-gaming) downloaded apps in the world, with 39m Android downloads and 14m iOS downloads in June 2020 alone.”

TikTok and photography

Creativity is the driving force of TikTok’s success and creative photography was not left out in the craze of sharing knowledge on the TikTok platform. Photography has become among the highest newly acquired hobbies in the recent past where capturing a moment has drawn people to great extremes (sometimes dangerous *yikes*). When you merge TikTok and Photography (lets just say they are not divorcing anytime soon) the amount of knowledge being shared is startling.

From basic photography knowledge to the tricks of coming up with amazing videos, TikTok has revolutionized the photography and videography game. the standard TikTok photography tutorial uses mobile phone video to move through a set/scene showing multiple angles of the setup. This has become a reference tool for many photographers and videographers yearning for more knowledge and to gain more skill and useful hacks. Some worthwhile TikTok accounts to follow:

Wonguy – @wonguy; Alex Stemp – alex.stemp; Jason Vinson – @vinsonimages_jason;Karen Cheng – @karenxcheng; Jessica Wang – @jessicawangofficial

So dear photographers, don’t sleep on this classroom.

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