A classic show of vintage cars – Concours D’elegance

Photos by Andrew Ogango

I know I know. Not to worry I mercilessly butchered the word at first too. A few google pronunciations and the fact I’m relearning French really helped though. Lately, I can say it without doing that stammering thing where we pretend we know the word it’s just that we’ve forgotten and hope our audience is more on the “know side” than the “what do you mean side.”

Concur D’elegance: The words spew elegance, sophistication, a little intimidation, and that French je ne sais quoi that no one seems to have figured out. The first time I had it taking place I was locked and had my tickets within an hour.

The thing about ticketed events is that you know the crowd is curated and they had me on there’s a selection of classic and vintage cars. Sign me up, please.

There’s something about steel, rubber and rich people whose cars have a better life than half of humanity make it three quarters that makes one marvel at this wonder. Not to worry I’ll get to the machines in a minute.

Dress code/ Style:

What I anticipated for the event and what was awaiting were two different things. Be kind to me, I’m only an observer. The theme of the event was gold, but in true Kenyan fashion, themes are barely suggestions. You always have the overachiever, I’ll insert a photo of our pal and awesome photographer @ericforester here. We love a man who gives effort and overdresses for the occasion. Our great overdressed fashionista influencer @AnitaNderu would be proud. (P.S: I’m obsessed with his fashion sense.)

Then you have the I woke up like this in the literal sense and lastly those who read the manual and just want to fit in. I feel like I land in this category but again, who am I to judge my own style?

Reflecting on it now, everyone has their own interpretation of elegance, and before I say too much and Kenyans on Twitter come for me. I leave it at this, if you felt beautiful and handsome in what you had on, that’s what matters.

Now to the reason we all gathered. This year’s contestants showed up and showed out and we were all in awe. Remember that thing about cars that have a better existence than the majority of us: They were there, they were in plenty. 

The machines were everything and more, the motorcycles and cars alike. I’m not a fan of motorcycle riding coz I treasure my life but I love admiring them and if it’s stationery and with permission, I will never decline to take a photo with them by their side or whatever. I am the true definition of a bikers ally. The representation was breathtaking, never saw as many Harley Davidsons in one area, the BMWs that are sleek and look like they can fly, and even mopeds. Let’s just say the setup was every bikers dream.

When I talk of vintage and classic cars I’m talking of those made of metals; those with huge sexy steering wheels that definitely did not have airbags and when something happened you hoped you had consulted with your maker. There were so many Alfa Romeos, vintage Rolls Royce’s, vintage fords, VW beetles, and vintage jeeps among others.

A little digression, car manufacturers should resume their initial models, those cars were a dream(my personal opinion, but I know if you are reading this you are nodding in agreement). 

My appreciation for classic and vintage cars is the thought process they seem to possess during manufacturing they had character(what we call old things that we fancy).

I am no car fanatic who knows the horsepower and what paint job is original, something about gearboxes and torques. But I’m obsessed with cars enough to be in traffic and say God dammit that babe(a car) is fine.

The winners deserved it, even families came to compete against each other. It must be nice to have this kind of wealthy competition sorry I meant healthy. This is definitely a hobby I hope to possess in the future.


In true Kenyan style where two or more Kenyans gather sherehe is a right of passage. You can quote me if you want *wink*. But no one can party like Kenyans.

Drinks were flowing, the banter was great, and the laughter summarized the events of the day. There were many food stations and a children’s play zone.  A little rain blessed our day and the skies were showing off for any photo session one decided to take.

It was truly a wholesome day. In short, for the CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE, you do not have to be obsessed with cars to enjoy the lineup. I’m already looking forward to the next.