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MozFest Virtual Science Fair 2023

Picha Images and Mozilla Foundation partner to Bring MozFest Virtual Science Fair to Life.

The MozFest Virtual Science Fair held on March 20-24th, 2023 was a great success thanks to the partnership between Picha Images and Mozilla Foundation. This event showcased the power of stories through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on platforms such as Mozilla Hubs.

Picha Images MozFest 2023 Virtual | Main Entrance
Main Hall Entrance

The Mozilla Foundation works towards promoting creatives, movement building, and has tools and platforms that bolster these initiatives. Mozilla Hubs, for instance, is an online platform that enables people to come together in a virtual space, interact with each other, and simulate real-life experiences. Picha Images, on the other hand, is a unique digital media company that focuses on telling African stories by empowering a community of creatives in Africa and equipping them with tools to produce high-quality digital media content.

How we did it

Picha Images MozFest 2023 Virtual | Meeting space
Meeting Space within main hall

Picha Images undertook research and tapped heavily into local content to create concepts with indigenous expressions, art, architecture, flora and fauna, and setting. The concepts had a clear storyline and body of content that were reimagined. Picha Images worked with its community of creatives in Kenya and other countries across Africa to develop these concepts and content from concept creation to deployment on Mozilla Hubs.

Virtual Tour Teaser by Mozilla Foundation

Participants from all over the world were able to join virtually and have a seamless experience interacting with each other, simulating real-life experiences. Participants were blown away by the design, architectural flow, and patterns in the virtual space. The concepts developed by Picha Images provided a unique and authentic African experience that left participants wanting more.

Picha Images MozFest Virtual | Main Hall
Main Hall with Art display and print-inspired design

The main hall featured artwork from the MaaSci series by Jacque Njeri, a talented and accomplished multi-disciplinary artist whose work addresses issues related to culture, feminism, and female empowerment. MaaSci is a digital collage/photo manipulation series that explores the Maasai people of Kenya in Sci-Fi environments. The name of the project is a portmanteau of Maasai & Sci-Fi // MaaSci.

Njeri’s work has received global recognition, with features in major media outlets such as CNN and BBC, as well as exhibitions at prestigious events such as the 2018 Other Futures Festival in Amsterdam and the 2019 Kikk Festival in Belgium, where she was a keynote speaker.

We would like to thank everyone who played a part in bringing the virtual space to life from Picha Images and Mozilla Foundation. This partnership was a great opportunity to showcase the power of storytelling through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Full Virtual Tour by Picha Images

If your organization is interested in creating virtual experiences, we encourage you to get in touch with us to explore the possibilities. Together, we can create unique and unforgettable experiences that will leave participants wanting more.